Global Player

Since 1995 Kurth company became an internationally operating enterprise. Contacts exist in particular in Europe, but also to Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

The Philosophy

The obvious policy of the Kurth company is to produce machinery small in dimension and at low cost, yet offering high performance. To keep in mind, the geographical area of the Südharz has an excellent reputation for manufacturing sophisticated and always dependable machinery used primary for well and geothermal drilling as well as for anchor drilling jobs and geotechnical research. The product range became ever more extensive: starting from small drill rigs with a track width of 700 millimetres and a weight of only 1100 kilograms up to devices with a mast length of 4500 millimetres and a possible drilling depth of 100 meters and boom drills from 1800 to 6500 millimetres of feed length. Wit each product we pay attention that the manufacturing process is customer-oriented. Individual and innovative solutions are possible because of short ways from the order acceptance via the construction up to the production.

The Employees

Established in the year 1995 as a three-man company the Kurth company developed to a medium-size enterprise that meanwhile employs more than 20 employees. 13 of them take care about the production of the machines and the accessories.

The Location

The company Kurth is based in Nordhausen, in the north of Thuringia (Germany). This region in the south of the region "Harz" has a long mining tradition. The location is very central and has in terms of infrastructure good conditions because of the access to the motorway A38.