14.08.2019 18:34 Age: 1 year

Having trouble moving your equipment around? Not in our case!

Searching for ordnance and unexploded bombs often calls for compact drilling gear, so it can be employed in building basements, e.g. Such comparatively small “basement drilling units” consist of several components: Drill unit, control unit, drilling tooling, and power unit. In the case of the latter, they are often stationed outside the building. In order to reduce the transportation effort, we have created a small track-transporter that can be loaded with the power and control unit as well as with hoses, tools, drilling augers, etc. The smart thing about this transporter is that it does not need an own engine because it is propelled by the loaded power unit and therefore offers quite some cargo floor.


Small, yet powerful, as practical as efficient – that’s us. Kurth drilling equipment.