26.06.2017 21:01 Age: 2 yrs

KB 13: At sea, ashore, and now even airborne

Our third drill for a customer in Greenland is something really special! This ‘heli-portable’ KB 13 can be delivered to difficult-to-access drill sites by light helicopters due to the fact that it is quite simple to disassemble, no single part weighs more than 800Kg, and also because it can be reassembled extremely quickly. Even so, the unit boasts a 35Kw diesel engine as well as a host of hydraulic features, and a four-gear power swivel  allowing up to 460rpm. Applications range from shell and auger drilling up to a diameter of 219mm, through mud and DTH-hammer drilling, to 146 mm wire line core drilling.

The new KB 13 – a truly multi-purpose drill rig – that can be employed nearly anywhere.