Small-type drill rig series KB 13

The small-type drill rig series KB 13 is the variation series KB 10 with raised power and expanded field of application. The drill rig KB 13 is a rig modification with combines the increased performance with wide range of application areas. KB 13/E with electric drive is a drill rig for working under the tight operating conditions. In order to increase the mobility in difficult areas the centre-stabilized drill rig KB 13/S with high cross-country mobility has been specially developed and produced.

Broschure KB 13


KB 13

Transportation length: 3.460 mm
Transportation height: 1.900 mm
Transportation width: 780 mm
Height work position: 
3.760/5.060 mm
Weight: 1.950 kg
Power: 24,5 kW
Info: The bases model this series


KB 13/1 E

Transportation length: 2.855 mm
Transportation height: 1.900 mm
Transportation width: 780 mm
Weight: 1.860 kg
Power: 30 kW
IInfo: Electric engine for work in 
closed area.


KB 13 T

Overall length: 
6.100 mm
Overall width: 
2.310 mm
Overall height: ca. 2.900 mm
Empty weight: 7.400 kg

Info: Combine the vantages of 
KB 13 with the cross-country mobility of UNIMOG.



KB 13 Special Design

Transport length 4.210 mm
Transport height: 2.000 mm
Transport width: 780 mm
Height work position:
4.200 mm / 5.500 mm
Weight: 2.190 kg
Power: 22,5 kW
Info: Special design for geo-engineering purpos


KB 13 S

Transportation length: 2.800 mm
Transportation height: 1.780 mm
Transportation width: 1.200 mm
Weight: ca. 1.900 kg
Power: 22,5 kW
Info: Centre-stable drill rig with high
 cross-country mobility