Small-type drill rig series KB 20

The small-type drill rig series 20 is the big sister of the 10-series. The rigs have wide until 820 mm and weigh until 3,4 tons. Dependend of construction and local terms the maximum drill depth is 100 meters.
The application includes the placement of augered pile, well and anchor drilling, drilling for geothermal energy as well as slope protection. Particularly for drilling for geothermal energy with KB20/100 and increment of capabilities was developed a lot of additional equipment.

Broschure KB 20 

KB 20/100

Transportation length: 5.040 mm
Transportation height: 2.200 mm
Transportation width: 820 mm
Height work position: 4.690 / 5.990 mm
Weight: 3.400 kg
Power: 53,7 kW
Info: Basic rig with options for various applications


KB 20/100 T

Transportation length: 7.900 mm
Transportation width: 2.490 mm
Transportation height: 3.550 mm
Permissible maximum weight:
11.800 kg

KB 20/100, mounted on truck - in that case Iveco-Magirus 


KB 20/100 - BC100 (Container)

- Locker and anti-theft device
- Transportable as self-contained unit by air, on water and surface
 - Equipped with a self-propelled small-sized drilling rig
- Contains all necessary tools and consumables for the drilling
  and construction of water wells with 100 m dept
- It can be easily combined with other facilities like water treatment units


KB 20/100 CD

Transport length: 5.100 mm
Transport height: 2.200 mm
Transport width: 1.750 mm
Work position: 5.100 mm
Weight: 5.100 kg
Power: 53,7 kW
Centre-stable drill rig with high cross-country mobility