As addition to described drill rigs including a large product choice of drill equipment, company Kurth offers equip material for well drilling. The list of products, available for download, contains the description of our regular products. Due to multilevel contacts with the manufacturers of all the products, we can on request also fulfil the special wishes for our customers.

 PVC- filter pipe (K-filter pipe)  HiLu grid filter
 PVC-complete board pipe (K- complete board pipe)  Fitting parts
 PEHD – Polyethylene filter pipe  Filter gravel 
 PEHD- complete board pipe  Sealing materials (mikolit, compactonit)
 PEHD-pipe  Insulating material
 Street caps (for pipes)   Protective pipes, start-up protection
 Closing elements 
 (bottom flaps, wellheads, threaded plugs, SEBA-flaps)


Detailed information as PDF